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Here we look at the basic lieutenant commander cruiser build, for those classic trekkies. As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console. Suggested trait builds official star trek online wiki. Lieutenant tactical officer official star trek online wiki. Technical overload from that advanced piezo plasma makes that beam array stronger than any dbb. Im not a dps expert, but i also like the holographic duty officers for the same reason. When youre rocking an escort or destroyer though or have the rcs. There are two playable campaigns, each covering a range of missions. Tactical pilot escort t6 enhanced build the muhalo. Some build suggestions are including low budget builds. Feb 24, 2018 for more great sto content check out my friends from dps after dark aponte aka nx1 gaming s. Highest dps for a federation ship united federation of. Below is a list of what various editors of this article have found to be the best trait builds for players of various roles.

Blog missing out on risa floaters and boards are taking away from the real fun on risa. The trivit have evolved to possess uncanny camouflage and will blend in with natural surroundings. Players take command of powerful federation and klingon warships and must outthink and out duel their opponents in order to succeed. My dps cannon fleet battlecruiser build stofa star trek. Emergency power to shields 1auxiliary to emergency battery 1 4. End notes meta in star trek online can mean many things, but in truth, simple basics are involved to making a good and viable build no matter how you want to play whether is be antiproton beams, or polaron cannons, the basics remain the same. All three not only have their own strengths and weaknesses, but those can be buffedcompensated by various ground kit armor, shield, weapons. Sciencedpstank and all the mixtures, tanky dps, sciency dps, sciency tank. Different leveling strategies for each kind of player hard core or casual.

And a faw build seems like it would be less effective against fewer, high health targets than b. Star trek starship tactical combat simulator rules pdf star trek. Now regardless of build, the major determining factor of performance is the individuals piloting skill and the scenario. Sep 23, 2017 instead you need to build your ship thinking on other ways of dealing damage, a good choice will be to build a torp boat on a carrier. Star trek online tactical pvp build 2019 edition youtube.

Fleet valiant phaser cannons build 122k dps youtube. This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience. Does anyone currently know the best modules and kit to have for a sweeping strikes melee spam tactical officer on the ground. Apr 18, 2019 this is a breakdown of my cannon phaser build for the fleet tactical escort t6 fleet valiant. A little epg and the control expertise skill points help power the gravity well, while drain expertise boosts the quantum phase and neutronic torpedoes. You start with a single torp launcher upon character creation, and it just kinda stuck around. Basic tanking cruiser build tf phoenix is a star trek.

Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. Basically a tactical captain does damage, an engineer captain can tank absorb damage and a scientist captain does wizard stuff like drain, hold and heal. Dont get discouraged by the huge amount of options available in the star trek online character creator, follow our step by step instructions to ensure that you create the best character possible. The 3piece clicky from the altamid adapted set is nuts and makes slotting the torp worth it, especially since this is more of a divebomber. For the most part the guide gives gear recommendations which are easily obtained and comparatively cheap. Blog tos and star trek beyond in this blog i discuss star trek beyond, the upcoming expansion, and why tos is beloved. Most builds are based on a tactical captain, but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. The problem is, that there isnt really a dps build with full engineering. Endeavour tactical star cruiser official star trek online wiki. The prototype uss odyssey was launched in 2409 and taken on a trial cruise by one of starfleets leading captains. Phantom personal favorite, its fast like a defiant, good boff seating for a solid dps build, the phaser lance is a solid opener or in a pinch a nice closer and opens up your enemy for exploiting.

Please post up your builds as im trying to figure out all options that are out there in case i missed something. Finally that day is here, and we are excited to give players a glimpse of the upcoming revamp. Make sure to study up on the latest updates from the starfleet corps of engineers on all the tech youll need ingame. Tbonz on may 6 mcneill and wang trying to revive captain proton by. Traits are now selected for you ingame but you still have. The tactical officer, tactics officer, or tactical aide was an officer stationed at the tactical station and responsible for controlling a starships weaponry and shields. Our guide has advice on character customization, name selection, race and species choices, and trait options. Bridge officers and their abilities are an important part of star trek online, and we have wanted to improve that player experience for quite some time. As a result, i have been running combat tests to determine how weapon damage scales in the new system, as more weapons are equipped. Oct 04, 2016 sure, a tactical pilot have like 0,0000001% more dps possibilites thanks to the classspecific skills like tactical team, but the difference is soooooo low that is not even worthy to mention it. The goal of our community is spreading knowledge and experience of the worlds top players and provide it to everyone who is interested in it.

You have 9 10 if character is an alien slots for ground traits and the same amount of slots for space traits. If you already are in the 75k dps channel or have billions of energy credits stored in keys andor other commodities, this site wont help you and, frankly, its not intended to. An example would be the commander rank space ability cannon. Star trek online offers several levels of character customization beyond the visual aspects, and t. Star trek online general discussions topic details. The star trek online conundrum of tier 6 casual aggro. Our old buddy salat has just acquired a jemhadar dreadnought carrier, jhdc for short, and i have finally convinced him to set it up with keybinds i think.

At max level, i revamped everything, bridge office skills, weaponry, you name it. The goal is to max out 27 points the engineering tree while trying to maximize the dps because as we all know dps is king in sto. Star trek online build theory on console jzh gaming. Certain traits are more useful for one particular role, such as tanking, healing, and damage. Tab skill tree there are all skills for engineer, science and tactical officer in this file, just fill in the class you want to play. Three technician duty officers that reduce cooldowns on bridge officer abilities, in active space duty. Star trek online tactical dps tutorial w ability setup. Looking for a good build for tac, ground ship attributes i have looked and there is no guide that i see the would help anyone if they leaned one way or the other, if there is and i havent seen it i appoligize. Dps build for beginners star trek online general discussions. Mar 29, 2017 star trek online has been out now on ps4 and xbone for almost seven months, and over the course of the last seven months, myself and several others that i play regularly with have worked and researched on how to build good ships for running elite and advanced queues. Tactical assault is a star trek video game for the nintendo ds and playstation portable that was developed by quicksilver software in collaboration with cbs paramount television, also the creators of star trek.

Lieutenant tactical officers are armed with phaser sniper rifles and can use sniper shot to damage enemies. Just write into the fields with green background color to. Thanks in advance to be clear, a federation ship cannot be used by other races so no recluses, nicors, etc. Star trek online has been out now on ps4 and xbone for almost seven months, and over the course of the last seven months, myself and several others that i play regularly with have worked and researched on how to build good ships for running elite and advanced queues. The dps in this build comes from beam overload on a fast cooldown thanks to improved photonic officer. Star trek online guides to help you with creating canon aliens, choosing a ship or career, diplomacy, and much more.

S and s14 brought about many changes with the space rebalance and also with some of the new traits and starship equipment available to us through the. From lowly mirandaclass light cruisers to the mighty sovereignclass assault cruiser, you can captain practically any of the most memorable ships in the star trek universe. Starfleet is a fictional organization in the star trek media franchise. Carrier captain help star trek online general discussions. So if your character is a tactical officer and you wish to obtain highranking engineering or.

Dps skill tree for dps ships unlike ship builds, traits, boff, and doff setups, captain skill is the only thing that has a limited number of attempts single attempt for f2p players, so it is really essential to get it right the first time. A comparative term also used in starfleet, the romulan military, and the klingon defense force was weapons officer or, to a lesser degree, gunner. The most common question i have received in the past week has been what mapsmissions to use to test builds. Decent customization options if you have the delta rising pack for the extra nacelles. Build b is going to be much easier and forgiving than any of the others. The somervilleclass intel science vessel is a tier 6 science vessel which may be flown by starfleet characters, including federation aligned romulan republic and dominion characters. Most people who have played star trek online would agree that the games major draw is the large selection of ships. Were an online community with a passion for star trek. Sto is one of the most complex mmos ever, and that is what. Since the changes in season 7 regarding how one acquires stf gear have made some of the items more difficult to get and the fleet starbase and reputation systems offer new items that can be unlocked, the basic gear recommandations are now accompanied by a suggested gear. Nov 01, 2018 imo for dps pound for pound i like the straight up star fleet mainstays of phaser beam arrays and photon torpedoes. Tactical assault is a realtime spaceship combat game for 1 or 2 players, featuring a wide array of authentic star trek races, ships, and weaponry from the universe of the original star trek series.

Dps wise you would sacrifice a lot of good skills to gain close to nothing from the eng part of the skilltree. The beam is still there so i can do subsystem targeting. Rank stf date player dps damage time in combat comment item. A lieutenant tactical officer is a midranking tactical officer of the united federation of planets ground forces. This is a breakdown of my cannon phaser build for the fleet tactical escort t6 fleet valiant. The dps league is an online gaming community for star trek online. If you want the best dps as alan answered, youre going to want to invest in cstore ships to get their consoles and integrate into your ship. Star trek starship tactical combat simulator rules pdf. Aug 18, 20 basic tanking cruiser build garretts notes. As thus, i decided to make this video going over my personal. A beginners guide and setup for star trek online game for tactical can be applied to engineer dps.

Starship tactical combat simulator was a game published by fasa. Fleet t6 kholhr class tactical dps legendary t6 defiant class tactical dps legendary t6 galaxy class engineer tank legendary t6 odyssey class engineer tank t6 d7 class dis tactical dps outdated builds 2019. Activating a tactical or command bridge officer ability will reduce the recharge time of science bridge officer abilities and captain abilities. One thing you definitely should try to do is save up ec to buy good quality conn officer tactical team variant doffs, which will reduce your cooldown of your one tt1 to only 15 seconds, giving you essentially a bonus tac ensign slot.

I have two characters lvl60 one humanfed and then other remankdf and i am looking into the best traits for the full engineering build. A tactical ult skill build was chosen to allow maximum selection of relevant weapon skills while still taking a decent number of points for agility and survivability. Faq star trek online beginners tips and tricks 44th fleet. For a list of the skills that teach bridge officers advanced abilities, see list of skills trainable by captain. This will be expensive but you can use them throughout your cruiser flying career all the way up to va.

Sto science vessel build jzh gaming star trek online. Players take the captains chair as they command their own starship and crew. What i slotted in skill planner was the ttf dhc and 4 crafted dmgpen dual cannons, but currently i have a mix of dhc and dc from reputation boxes until i can upgrade those crafted ones. Science bridge officer ability recharge time reduced by 10% and captain ability recharge time reduced by 5%, this may only occur once every 5 seconds. As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots. Also note that my foreweapon slots arent 100% accurate to what im currently running. Since build posts are all the rage, i figured it was high time to share my space magic science build. Tactical team 1attack pattern beta 1fire at will 3 2. Until you get your conn officers for tactical team and the everexpensive zemok for attack patterns, id keep the universal lieutenant as tactical, running tactical team 1 in both ensign ability slots, fire at will 2 in one of the lieutenant slots attack pattern beta 1 in the other, and fire at will 3 in the lt. Information on star trek leveling, pvp, crafting, raids and more. Tactical pros good dps all the timesimple and easy to learn for new playersboth reputation and ships on the game cater to this kind of gameplay consyou provide buffs to the group but cannot stand alone on a fightground combatgiven the simplicity of the class you will never learn anything beyond dps dps dps. For star trek online on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled best traits for a tactical build. Somerville intel science vessel official star trek online wiki. Within this fictional universe, starfleet is a uniformed space force maintained by the united federation of planets the federation as the principal means for conducting deep space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy although starfleet predates the federation, having originally been an earth.

And cruisers have only one spot for a tactical officer, up to lieutenant. In fact, the best thing to do sometimes is to mix a different class to complement your class. Traits are now selected for you ingame but you still have a option to mix things up. A fleet locator tactical console for each tactical console slot on your ship. It has a 30 second cooldown, and a 10second duration, and boosts the dps output of all cannontype weapons, including the turrets. Ntte tac 1k dps full build star trek online youtube.

In part one of this series, my brother looked at low level escorts. Whether youre going to become a member of the federation or the klingon empire, our. Engineering team 1auxiliary to emergency battery 1emergency power to weapons 3 directed energy modulation 3 3. The build guides will likely be a big help as they will provide indepth information about how to build a solid character. You may also skip the point in endurance training or improved weapon penetration and choose improved kit efficiency instead. Much more powerful arrangements exist and here is mine. So i decided to make a new video regarding my pvp build, or at least the dogfighter variant of it since it is definitely the most useful. Were a large collection of fans, all with the same vision as gene roddenberry, that. Nov 01, 2015 personal traits are split into two sections. Or you could grind for it, but really youre paying to keep your sanity in this case. Dps, tanking, support etc, the more info you can give the better. A huge collection of strategies for every star trek online player, be it a beginner or advanced. Ive included a full guide to all components used and where to get them, and its compatible with a t5 recon science vessel if that floats your boat instead of the multimission recon vessel im using right now you lose one science console in the process, not the end of the world.

So in some regards, sto is a paytowin gaming experience. In star trek online, the star trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Holographic kurland is a decent engineer he lacks damage enhancements for himself, but has veteran and teamwork so hes solid team player especially with the omega 3 piece or iconian set added. Star trek online federation leveling guides and wiki. Tactical officer odyssey build united federation of planets. I wish i didnt choose an engineer star trek online. Im interested in finding out what people are using fed side. The trivit hail from trivia prime, a heavilyforested, resourcerich planet in the cestus sector. Photon torps fire every 6 seconds so when youve got em in your firing arc theyre usually ready for the pew pew pew of high yield multiple torps firing downfield. Whether youre a freshly appointed lieutenant just starting out or an established admiral within the fleet, you cant conquer space let alone the klingons without choosing the right skills. Also if you have lifetime i would highly suggest making the character a liberated borg since their unique ability adds a very powerful slow that stops targets from escaping and does a fair bit of damage itself too. The endeavourclass tactical star cruiser is a tier 6 cruiser which may be flown by starfleet characters, including federation aligned romulan republic and dominion characters. The following information will be available for this game.

May 11, 2018 which is effectively a throwing star and does an absolutely obscene amount of damage as a tactical officer. Get guides to important topics via the links below, and more help from the community driven wiki linked above. So this took me a bit longer to make than i anticipated, approximately 7 hours of editing to get this all up and running if you can believe that. And feedbackpulse without the trait improved feedback pulse from the krenim science ship i think is a waste of space on your ship as well.

Bridge officer and kit abilities official star trek online wiki. Groundspace builds lethality star trek online fleet. It doesnt matter, what traits are used for episodes, because the enemies there are weak. Star trek online weapon power and multiple weapon damage. Or to build a science based carrier, depending on the synergic type you want to use plasma,kinetic exotic damage, drain based skills, control based skills, etc.

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