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This amp is a beast and when dialed in is capable of some huge sound. Jcm 900 s, while more versatile in features then ever before, have been stigmatized by being the dogs of the marshall lot and are typically held in low esteem. Pspice ile opamp dev on jcm 900 higain master volume. How to get a metal tone with jcm 800 ultimate guitar. Used by artists around the world, this amp continues to be one of our greatest. Marshall jcm900 by simulanalog virtual high gain amp metal tone. Marshall jcm 900 hi gain dual reverb free metal guitar vst. Each has slightly different characteristics that complement each other well. Guitarists who were part of the new wave of british heavy metal loved the tight, aggressive tone of the newer hybrid amps. Ive been reading for a few days now, but the internet seems to be 50% fact, 50% opinion, and 50% people telling me how much jcm 900s suck.

Try for others like peawy, the mesa and other jcm 900 is really the height, if you like big fat are well and that we love against less acute submitted too, the jcm 900 and jmp 1 are unstoppable. All the classic features that made the amp so popular are still intact with the tonally transparent series fx loop being a modern touch. They can be a little thin on the low end at times, but that can be addressed with an eq in the loop or some small mods. Jcm 900 higain master volume mkiii model 2100 chilltone.

The marshall jcm 900 cabinet was the match for it, although i have a marshall 1960ax cab with 25 watt. Its just that the 900 is alot harsher and its hard to dial in a more desirable tone but it can be done just takes time. Somebody in the comments told me to do a morbid angel tone. Excellent tone both cabinets are allrounders and compliment a variety of effects. I believe that like the jcm 900 series they used diode clipping to achieve more distortion but i may. The 1960a is brighter than the 1960b which has a thicker lowend sound. Oct 06, 20 jcm 900 higain master volume mkiii model 2100. The best jcm 900 you can buy the marshall jcm 900 mkiii 2100 is the definitive tone of the 90s. Although not quite the same tone, the amp was just as good for stage use without mods. With most valve amplifiers, particularly marshalls, the best sounds are achieved when the master volumes are set high enough to be utilising the driving power of the output valves to the full. A pretty straightforward rock tone, very heavy and fat. Marshall jcm 900 what does it really sound like youtube. Marshall 100w jcm900 style transformers by classictone.

There is a couple schematics on my website from a guy that sent them to me. Marshall jcm900 4100 100w dual reverb guitar amp head. Jan 23, 2019 putting my marshall jcm 900 through its paces to prove it can do big, nasty metal. Legendary tones the marshall shoppers guide part 2. Jcm 800 will get you through the 80s and a jcm 900 will cover the 90s.

These kits contain all of the external potentiometer controls used on each model back to marshall amp parts index. The jcm 900 range use high quality 5881 output valves x2 in 50 watt models, x4 in 100 watt models for their unique distortion properties and fluid tone. In the 1990s, marshall updated its product line again with the jcm900 series. Marshall amplification 4100 jcm900 h handbook pdf download. Marshall jcm900 by simulanalog virtual high gain amp. Versatility this cabinet can switch between mono and stereo with two mono options for extra amp matching capability. Valve or tube amplifier simulators and classic guitar amplifiers.

The marshall jcm 900 100 watt hi gain dual reverb has a bad reputation, but should it. Marshall jcm 900 dual reverb modern metal tone demo. This free tube amplifier will enhance and improve any guitar sound you can throw at it, without making it sound like youre playing in a heavy metal band. View and download marshall amplification jcm900 slx 2100 handbook online. The marshall jcm900 4100 100w head had long been a favorite of rock and metal guitarists starting in the 1990s, because of it versatile, fullbodied, undeniably marshall tube overdrive, sparkling clean tones, stagecapable power and thick twochannel reverb. Its a marshall jcm 2000 dsl 100 and it sounds great for vintage rock.

The nononsense amp is one of several variations of the jcm 900 and considered by many as the best. I recently stacked my 92 jcm 900 4100 thru 1936 2x12 150w cab and line 6 vetta 2x12 combo directly alongside each other, set the vetta to its jcm 900 distortion emulation and was amazed at how closely the vetta captured the jcm 900 sound in terms of gain crunch eq. I had my heart set on splawn, but ive realized that wont happen with mys. Known for its great tone and reliability, the jcm900 range has won many fans with its incredible versatility. I had it retubed and biased right after i bought it. Ill start by saying i bought my first tube amp yesterday and im new to this forum. Cabinet is a carvin legacy 4x12 with vintage 30 speakers. Marshall jcm 900 model 4500 50watt hi gain dual reverb head. Marshall jcm 900 metal sound demo tone test thomas sladek.

My rv 100 has as much gain as ill ever need, i liked the tone way better than my jcm 900. Tone test of a modded marshall jcm 900 4100 dual reverb, boosted with a maxon od808 in front of the amp. The jcm800 2203 is still available today as part of our vintage reissue series. Looking for the perfect kemper profiles to sound like your favourite artist or band. One thought on jcm 900 higain master volume mkiii model 2100 pingback. Marshall jcm900 by simulanalog virtual high gain amp metal tone test free vst plugin amner hunter. Marshall jcm900 by simulanalog metal tone test free vst plugin. It kind of has the 900 tone already and would add another option for additional drive and boost. Give us a call at 3015954190 to discuss any questions you may have about it before clicking the add to cart button. If you buy an orange it wont lose much of its value, thats for sure.

The two jcm 900 s i have played were not that great. Stock marshall jcm800 2210 metal clip 1985 no boost. Marshall jcm 900 hi gain dual reverb free metal guitar. Oozing rock status, you can effortlessly detect its. One of the most obvious differences is the amount of gain available. This was both easier and a bit more difficult than installing on a jcm2000 dsl100. I just got done installing my classic tone power choke in my jcm900 mkiii. The 900 is perfect for the grung stuff and it does for a clipping diode but so does the 800.

Another players favourite, the jcm900 4100 allvalve 100 watt marshall head is available once again. Marshall marshall jcm900 100 watt guitar head long. Marshall jcm 900 mkiii 2100 kemper profiles reampzone. The jcm800 series models 2203, 2204, 2205 and 2210 is a line of guitar amplifiers made by. I replaced the stock bridge pickup dimarzio blaze bridge with a dimarzio evolution 7. I sold it and bought a 2205 jcm 800 the newer ones from the mid 80s which i have and play up to today. The heavy metal tone, and the clean tone out of this amp is killer. Jcm 800 2203 and 2204 tone differences ultimate guitar. I wouldnt expect to buy a modern marshall and get those classic sounds. Model packs are software addons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to. Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets macos 10. For more detailed information, please click here to download.

What i found that i really like is cranking the gain on the jcm 800 to max and i run a boss sd1 in front of it with level at max, drive at minimum, and tone about 9. We offer several potentiometer kits for various marshall amplifiers. Marshall jcm 900 metal sound demo tone test thomas. Marshall amplification is a british company that designs and manufactures music amplifiers. Can someone take a look at them and give me an idea if he was on the right track. The tone of the 900 is thin and fizzy and gets covered by the direct, tight and ripping tone of the 800. Channel b takes off from where channel a finishes with acute use of the gain and eq controls, you will achieve a perfect sound for any lead tone from silky smooth. Unfollow marshall jcm 900 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Only difference is the 800 came with english made power tubes rather than the cheap chinese ones with the cheap glass. They dont help in the sound deptartment, but certainly help marshalls bottom line.

Transformers should always be installed by a professional electronics technician since there are high voltages involved and may result in serious physical harm to yourself, the transformer andor your equipment if installed incorrectly. Our vetta ii amplifier includes a digital connection for the variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the vetta ii so that when you call up a vetta channel memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Of course, tone is in the ear of the beholder, but these ideas do make for an amplifier with a little more oomph, and address the issues of thin tone at less than earsplitting levels. These amps typically have undersized output transformers, and a resistor instead of a choke. Apr 18, 2018 the marshall jcm 900 100 watt hi gain dual reverb has a bad reputation, but should it. Marshall jcm 900 dual reverb modern metal tone demo youtube. When the jcm 900 s were introduced, they offered more features and corrected channelswitching capabilities. Jcm 900 with od808 legacy cab by adrian hinkley free. Marshall amplification jcm900 slx 2100 handbook pdf download. Imo theres only certain stuff i would do with the 900 where as with the 800 i would use it for metal hard rockblues. The marshall jcm900 4100 100w head had long been a favorite of rock and metal.

Nov 04, 2014 the jtm45 and 1959 plexi will get you through the 60s and 70s. With a distinct marshall tone providing loose bottom end and creamy lead we have put together a collection of 25 direct and 53 studio profiles with various configurations and gain stages plus a. Biggest problem with 900 s is the fact they ship the cabs and combos with g12t75 speakers. Marshall vs orange, should i do it electric guitars.

The lack of bottom end in the newer marshall amps jcm 900 s and the jcm 2000s dsltsl come to mind really kill the overall sound of the amps. So heres my stock 1985 jcm 800 2210 spitting out some pretty gnarly metal tones. Marshall jcm 900 model 4101 100watt hi gain dual reverb 1x12. Another i would look at specifically with a jcm 900 is the original marshall guvnor pedal the black one with colored knobs. Note these amps suggestions are what have been used live or within the studio as seen or mentioned by the artist band themselves or sound very close to the original amp as used by them and thus all amps found below are what available in our store here. This item is for sale locally at our store in beltsville, maryland. Marshall jcm 900 hi gain dual reverb free metal guitar vst morbid angel inspired. Jan 12, 2015 a bit noisy perhaps when cranked a bit more. Jcm 900 valve 4100 dual reverb, jcm 900, 4100 dual reverb. Functionally, i think theyre a great amp if you like a single tone and want to stomp on a switch to make it louder for a solo boost. This two channel dual reverb 100w powerhouse will make you stand out on stage. The jcm800 amplifiers became a staple of 1980s hard rock and heavy metal. Will send you today my 3 best patches, jcm 800, jcm900emulated and electric.

Whats wrong with marshall jcm900s page 4 the gear page. I am a mesa player, but the 800, especially the kerry king signature beast 2203kk is amazing. A stylish reissue, the jcm900 4100tm is the evolution of the jcm800 adding another channel, two reverb options and two gain features. Question another question about ohms marshall jcm 900 2x12 combo and 1960 lead cab. This is a file library, you will need to download and install the boss tone studio software to use the patches. Show your friends, listen, enjoy, but do not download or copy. With the 900 series there are less wires to disconnect to get to the board, however the wires that are soldered are shorter and made for a bit more difficult maneuvering of the board. Even while being pretty demanding at all levels, i like its ease of use and the fact that it reproduces the sound of the instrument. Theyre fine for a more metal tone, but you lose a lot of what that amp can do imo.

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing. The heavy tone on this is great alone, but if you want even more atttack, a boss disto pedal with the disto on 1 and level about half puts this thing over the top. I wish i still had my jcm 900 it had a really good tone, but sadly i had to sell it, which i really regret doing. A brief guide to guitar amps in the studio pro audio files. I play metal most of the time, and ive heard this is a good amp if pushed hard enough. How to get classic marshall jcm800 tones using guitar modelling. Jcm800, one of marshalls most universallyacclaimed modern amps. A stylish reissue, the jcm900 4100 tm is the evolution of the jcm800 adding another channel, two reverb options and two gain features.

Stay away from the 900 s if you can, the older jcm 800s are great and the newer ones 2205, 2210 are good, too. Like i said, just switch them with a set of el34s, use a marshall 4. The 2203 went on to define the sound of the era, with many rock and metal bands making this their amp of choice. For my style and tone this thing sounds awesome and has plenty of. The jcm 900 is, at its core, a typical marshall, i can assert that without hesitation. Question another question about ohms marshall jcm 900. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6. An amp built to go on the road and be on the stage with a sound loud enough to fill stadiums. How to get classic marshall jcm800 tones using guitar.

Jcm900 slx 2100 musical instrument amplifier pdf manual download. He made some mods, but i dont know how it turned out. Lol, i have no idea what major opinions are, but i do know that the consensus is that the most favored jcm 900 is the mkiii, as it is the rarest of the 3 varieties offered and it has the best tone of the three among the majority of listeners. An amp built to go on the road and be on the stage with a sound loud enough. Libraries signal processors software bundles software downloads.

Well, i own a couple of those, and imho, the jcm 900 sounds better. That is why many people still used distortion and overdrive pedals with that amp. Shop for the marshall jcm900 4100 100w dual reverb guitar amp head and receive. It gets me the metal tone ive been looking for all these years. View and download marshall amplification 4100 jcm900 h handbook online. Fans of pedalboards and other effects pedals wont be disappointed either, because the tone is excellent. Hey guys, my neverending amp search is coming close to, well, ending. Shop for the marshall origin50c 50w 1x12 tube guitar combo amp and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. Long story short, the 900 4100 is a beasts beast, and sounds just as good as any 800. With the pre amp on about 2, your clean tone sounds like it is vibrating a metal tray covered in broken glass, just beautiful crisp and a little raw.

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